Parts Unknown: The Greatness That Is “Check The Deal, Bro”

Brad Milner — Contributor — @ BylineBeat

(Panama City, Florida) A funny thing happened on Monday Night Raw this week and sadly I think it slipped through the cracks. At least, a search of Google didn’t turn up much and as far as I can tell it was one of the few things not to trend on Twitter regarding a WWE event.

CM Punk upped his heel factor this week by walking out of a match against Sheamus that was set up by Raw General Manager AJ earlier in the show. Punk said he was taking a “personal day” but before he did he uttered a phrase that should be on T-shirts and signs next week.

Punk leaned in to AJ and said “Check the deal, bro,” as in, she needs to read up on his contract and its parameters. Punk left and returned at the end of the show to help Alberto Del Rio defeat John Cena. We also saw Paul Heyman driving Punk away in a car, which plants the seeds of the alignment we all saw coming.

Back to the catchphrase, however. I find it wildly funny and also a bit disrespectful when a man calls a woman by a male reference. I doubt that was the intention, but I get a kick out of it happening none the less if only for the entertainment factor.

I have a coworker who calls his fiancée “dude” and I can’t tell you how many times athletes refer to female reporters as “man.” You don’t go around calling a guy a “chick” or another female reference unless you’re trying to rile them up. I know, I’m likely dissecting it too much, but there’s something about it that irks me, just not to the point where I want to throttle someone, mind you.

That said, those four words could have some legs in the future. I doubt Punk will say it again, but it could have so many uses. We could and should use it in our everyday lives.

Imagine if your boss was being a jerk, more so than usual, and asks you to do another mundane task. Just look at them and say “check the deal, bro” and walk away. They may be too confused to wonder what happened, but if they ask what that meant you can cite some part of the law, or pull it out of your ass, and before they take the time to check you could be out the door.

If a cop pulls you over and asks how fast you were going, say “check the deal, bro.” I’m not sure how it will go over in this case, but it’s still worth a try.

You could use it when someone says something stupid to you, which is likely a lot for most of us. You could spout it off to your parents when you don’t want to mow the lawn or just at random to see people’s quizzical looks.

Seriously, though, CM Punk may have started something. Then again, maybe I’m the only one who noticed and am making something out of nothing. To that I say, it’s my column, I’ll do what I want.

Anyways, point is CM Punk has been known for saying some gems since WWE let his mouth roam freely. He delivered the line in such a serious way I have little doubt he laughed when he saw the playback later.

Speaking of laughing, the beef between Punk and Kurt Angle continued on Twitter and I’m sure the WWE Champion has a few chuckles at the elder statesmen’s expense. Angle commented that he didn’t believe Punk should be ranked atop the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s list of the best 500 performers in the business for 2012. Angle claimed the PWI list is all about “title runs” and not “wrestling,” meaning he conveniently forgot Punk is closing in on a record reign.

Uh, OK, Kurt, that makes as much sense as giving Kim Kardashian marital advice. Angle also went as far to say he was better than Punk in that regard as is A.J. Styles and Bobby Roode. Again, uh, OK, Kurt.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why Angle has so much contempt for Punk. Maybe he’s jealous of Punk’s success or maybe it’s that coupled with the fact he is languishing in an inferior organization.

Either way, I have some advice for Mr. Angle. Check the deal, bro.


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