Parts Unknown: What Should And Will Happen At SummerSlam

Brad Milner — Contributor — @ BylineBeat

(Panama City, Florida) SummerSlam, always one of my favorite pay-per-views of the year, comes on Sunday off a most hot ending to Monday Night Raw. Shawn Michaels, fearing Brock Lesnar all night, was finally corralled and brutalized in the ring to the tune of a “broken arm.” Triple H ended the show fuming while Lesnar smiled, or maybe had gas, but looked happy either way.

The card has six matches and a seventh featuring Santino Marella and Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship on the pre-show, as of this writing. There has been considerable build for three — Lesnar-HHH, the WWE Title Triple Threat Match and Dolph Ziggler-Chris Jericho.

Here’s a look at what should happen in each match and what is likely to happen:

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players for the WWE Tag team Championships: The booking for this feud has been weird to say the least. The Primetime Players, now without manager A.W., who was released this week, have defeated Kingston and R-Truth in singles matches but can’t seem to beat Primo and Epico in tag matches. The tag-team division has been stale as of late and the latest infusion hasn’t worked. What should happen: The Primetime Players win and find other worthy challengers to energize the flagging division. What likely will happen: Champs retain. *yawns*

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio: I think I couldn’t care less about either of these wrestlers. This is as close to midget wrestling as you’ll find. Please save us! What should happen: One of these guys will win and no one cares. What likely will happen: One of these guys will win and Mysterio will blow out a deltoid.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan: These two have had clashes in the recent past and will rekindle a rivalry of sorts. Both men are in flux on the hierarchy and this won’t be a bad match to watch. What should happen: Bryan makes Kane tap out. What likely will happen: Kane buries Bryan further. NO! NO! NO!

Ziggler vs. Jericho: This match could be the best of the night. Jericho is doing his part to raise up the talent in his latest and final(?) return to the ring. Just look at what he did for CM Punk earlier this year. Just think of what he could do for Mr. Ziggler. What should happen: Ziggler wins in a close match. What likely will happen: Ditto.

CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show for the WWE Championship: There are many questions surrounding this match. Is it time to take the belt off Punk after a long reign? Does Cena need another title run after being strapless for a while? And will Big Show eat someone? Stay tuned. What should happen: Punk escapes with the belt. What likely will happen: Cena wins to set up battles throughout the rest of the year to determine who faces The Rock at Royal Rumble in January.

HHH vs. Lesnar: HHH has waited a long time to get revenge for his “broken arm” months ago. Now Lesnar has destroyed HHH’s best buddy and Michaels won’t appear on the card (or will he?). This is Lesnar’s first match since losing to John Cena in his year-long stint with WWE. What should happen: Lesnar needs a win to set him up for the rest of the year and head into WrestleMania for a high profile match. Losing two in a row won’t help. What likely will happen: That said, HHH will win.


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