London 2012’s top-10 sporting moments

It is with good reason that Olympiads have a history reaching back thousands of years: the spectacle of watching the world’s greatest athletic talents go head-to-head is an awe-inspiring and captivating event, for spectators ancient and modern.

The Olympic Games have come to represent many things since Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s reinvention of the age-old gathering in 1896. Peace and harmony between countries, the redefinition of a host nation in the eyes of the world, the power of the individual to overcome challenge, the creation of a sport industry worth billions of dollars and the manners, morals and meaning that encompass the ‘Spirit’ of the event.

But such factors are centrifugal in nature compared to the core that gives the Games its energy: just as the fusion of hydrogen turning to helium gives solar power to the universe, it is the endeavor and execution of athletes that fuels the Olympics.

London 2012 has been no exception, even providing what some may argue was a vintage crop of sporting memories to add to the history books.

Photo Credit: (Getty Images)