Parts Unknown: AJ’s And Booker T’s New Digs, AW’s Big Mouth And More

Brad Milner — Contributor — @ BylineBeat

(Panama City, Florida) AJ Lee debuted as General Manager of Monday Night Raw this week. Booker T was named the General Manager of SmackDown at a taping on Tuesday. Both changes bring a fresh outlook to the shows, which had gone without permanent figures for weeks.

Booker T has maintained a presence in WWE for years, most recently as a commentator on SmackDown and pay-per-views. I will say he wasn’t the greatest commentator in history, with my personal faves when he would say “the shoulder area” or the like for a body part rather than simply stating where the wrestler was struck.

His attitude is perfect for the role of GM, as he has never been known to take flack from anyone, whether as a face or heel. It will add a nice dimension to the show.

AJ also is perfect for this role, though it’s apparent she will take more time to fit into it completely. Some of her announcements on Raw seemed strained and her end of the show interaction with CM Punk could have been more volatile given their history.

She looked businesslike in one of the smallest suits you’ll find on the store rack. Her first quests were to make life a living hell for her former fiancé Daniel Bryan and to set up the Raw main event for SummerSlam. The Bryan psychological evaluation theme throughout the second three-hour Raw was good watching.
Yeah, he said that:

This week’s Raw also saw some controversy when AW, the manager for the Primetime Players, made an off color remark in reference to Titus O’Neil. AW has a live microphone during matches in which he gives his team words of encouragement and also spouts off inane comments that are more distracting than poignant.

AW described O’Neil as “like Kobe Bryant in a hotel in Colorado … he’s unstoppable.” For those unaware, Bryant was embroiled in a sexual assault case in that hotel years ago. No criminal case wasn’t pursued, but there was a civil case that was eventually settled.

Michael Cole apologized on-air for the comment, but didn’t cite it specifically. Word was the higher-ups weren’t too happy and AW received a mouthful when he went to the locker room. He apologized for the comments on his Twitter feed and he was allowed to stay on live mic during Tuesday’s SmackDown taping.

Quick shots:

Where have the Divas been? That’s pretty much all I need to say on that subject.

Randy Orton returned this week from his 60-day Wellness Policy suspension. Twitter timelines were wetter immediately upon seeing The Viper and for the rest of the night.

Tensai was disciplined for a racist Tout video involving criticism of Japanese drivers. The Tout was removed. Speaking of Tout, does anyone actually use the app?

Alberto Del Rio is quickly becoming one of my fave wrestlers. He is a skilled technician and also has a mean streak that the brass lets him cut loose in matches. Sure, his accent is a little choppy, but he has charisma and if he can stay healthy he has a bright future.

Also he of the bright future is Damien Sandow. The character is working and he holds the mic like a fine glass of Chianti. That’s style and class, folks.


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